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Cloud recognition examples for iOS Javascript SDK crash on resign active

I'm using the latest version of the iOS Javascript SDK (8.2.0). 

Version of iOS: 12.0

XCode: 10.0

Affected examples:

 The whole range of examples are affected by this issue I discovered it by playing around with:


But it seems that also Instant Tracking, Object Tracking and Point Interest are having the same problem.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Download and run examples from the SDK

2. Open one of the examples e.g. 04_CloudRecognition_2_ContinuousImageRecognition

3. Swipe from top of the screen down to reveal the notification centre. Strangely this is the only way how to reproduce the crash. If you switch to home screen or another app using the home button the crash won't appear.

4. Observe the crash in WTAugmentedRealityViewController.m:366

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