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Navigation Supported Augmented Reality SDK

Hi Team,

I have a requirement in my app where a user enters 'from' and 'to' destination in the map and the user will be guided by turn by turn navigation.So, I'm looking for an iOS Augmented Reality SDK which supports turn by turn on screen navigation.(Screenshot is attached with the message). I know wikitude drive supports this feature but I just want to know that Is there any feature like this in your SDK version(As of now I downloaded the SDK and run it, it doesn't show me this type of feature). I am iOS Developer and need the iOS SDK for this if available. If we can acheive my requirement so how can we  acheive by using the Wikitude?
Please respond with a solution. I am waiting for your response.

Thanks in Advance.


The Wikitude SDK doesn't support turn-by-turn features. You'd need to integrate a navigation solution that provides the turn-by-turn feature and then display waypoints in AR. As we don't offer this feautre at the moment, we don't have any samples for this though.

Thx and greetings


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Hi Nicola,

Do you have  feature like if I am passing from a road then whatever is my nearby places like Hospitals, Restaurants, Bars, Famous buildings etc can be popped at my screen with some information like: Ratings of that, picture and name etc.
If I can achieve this through your SDK, my work can be started.. Please let me know.


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