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Way to pull scan count / cloud recognition backups

Hi there,

I am looking for a way to pull our monthly Cloud Recognition scan count from our own interface. In looking at the Studio API I see there is an /account endpoint but after further investigation it seems this only pulls the storage room left, email, etc. Is there some way to get the number of scans?

As well, we were wondering if for some unforeseen reason our Target Collection got deleted, is there some way to restore it? We obviously don't anticipate this happening but it would be a disaster for us if this happened since most of our content is user-generated. We would like to know that there's some type of backup in place.


Hi Mathew,

thank you for your post. I will create two separate tickets to the issues in our ticketing system. You will be notified via email.

As you already found out it is not possible to retrieve the monthly number of scans at the moment. We will put your request on our feature list.

A deletion of the target collection is not triggered by us and we'd need to investigate how this happened and what's the current state. We'll communicate further via email through our ticketing system.

Thank you,


No. There was NO accidental deletion.

We were just wondering what would happen IF there was an accidental deletion.

No need for another ticket. Please acknowledge.

No, we are not aware of any accidental deletion, that's why we would like to investigate further. Do you still know the id of the cencerning target collection?

Nothing was actually deleted. Our database is fine. This is just a precursor. We are asking in advance. We just want to know in case it ever happens. We were just wondering what would happen if our database was deleted. Again, there is no current problem. Everything is totally perfect right now.

Oh I see, sorry for misunderstanding. Triggering the deletion endpoint of a target collection on our end removes all files related to this collection. In order to be GDPR compliant we do not store the files in a backup. However, we do store the metadata in a backup. This data is deleted after a certain timeframe as well. As long as you do not trigger the deletion endpoint you are safe.

No problem. So just to be clear, you are saying that if a target collection was accidentally deleted, there is no backup of it and no way to restore it. It's that correct?

This is correct

Ok. Thank you. I suppose we will have to devise some sort of measure on our end to manually rebuild our Target Collection in case it is ever accidentally deleted, either by us or by an Act of God that crashes the server that it's on.
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