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Input Plugin Plane Detection (Android)


I am currently testing the Input Plugins in your Android SDK. For this purpose I am just working on your Example classes. I changed the CustomCameraPluginActivity to basically the same as the PlaneDetectionActivity just with my Custom Source for Frames which seems to work, at least in so far that the App now shows my Images.
However I have yet to recognize any Planes with this Setup.
I was wondering what type of error sources I am looking at. (e.g. low resolution images. Missing some input values or something like that)
Any tips regarding this would be much appreciated.


Hi Patrick,

please elaborate on what your custom frame source is.

Plane detection in general needs some movement to understand the scene. Larger movements are better for finding planes. 

Another thing to take into account is that you have to provide the correct values of the camera frame (strides, fov, ..). 

Best Regards,


Hi Alex,

I am currently using a live stream from a webcam. Since I never explicitly set any stride or fov this might be the Problem, thanks for your support i will try to supply these data points and report what happens.


the missing camera parameters seemed to be the problem, at least it is trying to track points now :)

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