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Instant tracking sample not working crashing on one plus 5

I'm using startup pack license for past  two days , but still I couldn't able to make sample instant tracking on my device one plus 5 , we are getting black crashed screen were grid is not moving , initialization button is also not working , screenshots are attached. 

But the same apk file works in HTC U ultra stating "Running without platform assisted tracking support". Working screenshot is attached.

Unity Version : 2018.2.14f1  (First I tried with 2018.1 , I got the same issue there )

Please check this issue as fast as possible , we are nearing the deadline.

If I disable the SMART option ,it works on both the devices ,but not on OnePlus 5 when smart mode is enabled.


So the crash is happening with the unchanged sample app? If so, can you please share the crash report and logoutput.

Thx and greetings


Even the problem is persisting in Ipad pro and iPhone 7 devices , I didn't change any part of the app the screenshots are taken from the unchanged version , the crash log files for ipad pro has been attached.


Hi still problem is not rectified anyone there?


It's with our team and you'll get feedback once they have investigated or they need further details.

Thx and greetings



Regarding the One Plus 5 issue, can you please try to run the sample with the "SMART Enabled" option turned off in the InstantTracker inspector?

Regarding the iOS issue, please post the console log messages when running the app directly from Xcode.

Thank you


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