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VideoDrawable not starting

I uploaded an Image Target via Wikitude Studio, placed a Video (public URL to a .mp4 file) on top of it and checked all playback options so that the video should immediate start whenever it is detected.


Neverless, this is not the case. The target is recognized, the video placeholder image will be placed on top of the image target and will be tracked but the video is not starting.

The Video resource is a public available URL to an .mp4 media file.

Am i missing something here?

PS: I tested some sample scenes and they are working as expected, changing the .wtc file there to track my own image target does not seem to work (probably another issue, thats why i opened this issue as well)

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Hi Jan,

I just did a test with an Galaxy S7 and the Studio Editor experience and the behaviour is as expected - the video starts playing when I check the box in the properties window.

Can you please provide me with the url to the video, so we can test with your video?

Thx and greetings


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