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iOS SDK ArchitecView loads with +/- 10 seconds delay

I'm using the Cordova Plugin 8.1.0 (also reproduced with 8.0.0)

On iOS whenever I call the 'wikitudePlugin.loadARWorld()" function with parameters it takes 10+ seconds for the ArchitectWorld to show and success callbacks to be called.

By debugging statements I traced it down all the way until it goes into the Wikitude SDK itself at which point it become magic for me. Until the following part of the Cordova Plugin is reached it runs in a matter of miliseconds.

WTWikitudePlugin.m -  line 473

[self.arViewController.architectView start:^(WTArchitectStartupConfiguration *configuration) {
[WTWikitudePlugin readStartupConfigurationFrom:arguments andApplyTo:configuration];
[WTArchitectStartupConfiguration transferArchitectStartupConfiguration:configuration toArchitectStartupConfiguration:weakSelf.arViewController.startupConfiguration];
} completion:nil];

Somehow as of this point the opening of the actual native ArchitectView takes +/- 10 seconds after which the native callback is executed and everything starts up and works as expected. 

I've tried loading the unaltered '01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget' example -> same behaviour. Using the sample app it seems to be going alright.

So somehow I have the feeling this is related to using WKWebView. As discussed in this topic. Help would be greatly appreciated as this is currently blocking us from releasing AR for our customers on our purchased Enterprise - Multiple apps License.

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Hi Mark,

Also you can read this discussion on using WKWebView with the Cordova Plugin :

We did some extensive tests with the WKWebView and Wikitude, and tried some workarounds, but our conclusion is that unless you are working on a very simple app, the WKWebView is not compatible with Wikitude. Sadly, the Wikitude Team, even if aware of the problem, does not plan to do anything about it, and just recommend to use the UIWebView (which is slow, not compatible with last web standards, and officially deprecated by Apple). 

@Wikitude : the situation may become more and more untenable as the upcoming Cordova-iOS will have the WKWebView activated by default , and as the UIWebView may be removed from iOS 13. IMHO you should start thinking about a solution, it would be great to be able to continue Wikitude with Cordova :-)


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Thanks @Amaury for your reaction.

I really think Wikitude needs to take some action here in order to say up to date for the Cordova plugin.

At the moment I feel I didn't get value for money looking at the license fee that I've paid for a multiple apps enterprise license.

Any reaction?


you are absolutely right, that UIWebView has been deprecated, which is one of the reasons, why we switched to WKWebView internally for the Architect Engine (JS) with SDK 8. The situation of Cordova is little bit different, as the WKWebView behaves entirely different and will require a fundamental change of our iOS plugin for Cordova. This will happen in the future as we continue to support Cordova and will be treated in time. While there is a possibility that iOS 13 will end UIWebView support entirely, we don't think this is very likely and Apple will have a longer migration cycle (see deprecation of OpenGL ES). 



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