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iOS Distribution to AppStores fails

Hello support team,

We got the one problem about Wikitude SDK while uploading app to AppStore.
We are using 7.1.0 SDK as it was purchased with license key.

You are saying that this issue is resolved in Wikitude SDK 7.2.0 but if we used that SDK we are getting license key missing issue.

Will we have to purchase it again?

Please find the attached upload issue image for reference (Using Wikitude 7.1.0 SDK)

Tried adding suggested shell scripts. But still getting the same issue.

We are using Wikitude Javascript iOS SDK 7.1.0

Please suggest solution as fast as possible. Thanks in advance.

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As you have already created a post with this question, which will be answered by our tech team, please stay with this post:

Thx and greetings


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