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IOS build failing "errSecInternalComponent"

My IOS builds randomly don't work anymore.

When I try to build to iphone I get this error:

Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error /Users/username/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/CameraComp.iOS/1d99d24ea3f0fa4da01d8a7dda18dec6/bin/iPhone/Debug/ errSecInternalComponent CameraComp.iOS

 I'm working in a copy of another project so maybe that could be it, however the android version is working perfectly.


ios 12

xamarin.forms v3.3.0

wikitude sdk js v8.1.0

creating a new project, adding the wikitude sdk and running it does not work either...


We received similar reports during the last days (although not exactly the same). We removed the bitcode and architecture stripping scripts for Xamarin as VS seems to package them in a way that developer can not remove them themselves anymore.

You can download a new NuGet package here. Please make sure to du a full clean build in order to pick up the updated NuGet package.

Best regards,
Andreas Schacherbauer

thanks :) 

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