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Problem adding 'wikitudesdk.aar' on Android Studio

Hi, I have a problem on adding the library in Android Studio on a Unity project exported for Android Studio.

Since the POI feature is not implemented in the Unity Plugin I decided to build my application in Unity, then export the project on Android Studio and then develop the POI module with the JavaScript SDK. But the problem occurs when I try to import the SDK, after the change in the build.gradle with the line "implementation(name: 'wikitudesdk', ext:'aar')", when I try to build the project, the IDE gives me this exception: 

Multiple dex files define Lcom/wikitude/common/camera/CameraSettings$CameraFocusMode; 

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. 


* What went wrong: 

Execution failed for task ':transformDexArchiveWithExternalLibsDexMergerForDebug'. 

> java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to merge dex 

How can I do to solve this problem?


Did you check online for details on the error message (e.g. Stackoverflow) ? When I search for this error message i found quite some details on different forums. As our Unity Plugin is not supposed to be used in this way, I strongly recommend to work completely with the JS API.

Thx and greetings


Thanks for replying, I know that is better to work completely with the JS API but I really need the Unity's enviroment. I've already checked online for this error and I find that this type of exception occurs on duplicated import of a library (maybe the one used with Unity and the one I import manually on Android Studio). So I was wondering if there is a way to implement both and exclude some modules, because I cannot access the Architect class without the 'wikitude.aar' library.
I really hope for a Unity plugin with the POI feature.

Hi Cosimo,

We haven't had this error report until now internally and it has not been reported by customers yet - most likely due to the Unity / JS API mixing. If we have any further insight on this we'll let you know.



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