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app crash on huawei phone, with (SIGSEGV) error

we are using wikitude JS SDK and load wt3 model into app, the JS running on both android and ios, most of time it works fine, but it crash very often on huawei phone(huawei mate 9), and sometimes on xiaomi (mi8 SE). but it performances much better on IPhone. the crash happens during the JS loading process, after the camera show up. the crash seems to related to this:

    signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 1 (SEGV_MAPERR), fault addr 0x650079

        r0 00650079 r1 afe68974 r2 9bd02790 r3 afe68974

        r4 9bd02790 r5 afe68974 r6 b45b8e70 r7 9bd02768

        r8 b543ed18 r9 9bd02850 sl ffffffff fp 00000000

FYI, with huawei phone, it crash 50% of the times, and it crash 10% of  time on xiaomi, and maybe 5% on other android phone, on Iphone  it rarely crash.

(80.4 KB)


Can you please send us the complete AR experience as zip file (incl. all the html, js, css and asset files needed to run the experience on our end). You can send the zip file to forum [at]

Thx and greetings


hello, nicola:

the files is a little bit large, I will also send an email to with all the files included, here is how I use wikitude:

I have a android fragment called ARFragment implements, and I called JS using calljavascripts() to load,  and this happens in the onResume() of the fragment, so after switching fragment, the ARFragement will load the AR, but it crash very often on android, in IOS, we have exactly same JS and loading, it works quit stable. 

also, there is another problem, once the AR fragment is show up, I can't hide it using through these:

final FragmentManager fm= this.getSupportFragmentManager();
FragmentTransaction ft= fm.beginTransaction();
ft.commit(); all fragment can be hided except the AR fragment, which show no response when you call hide, why is that?


What version of the JS SDK are you using?

Best Regards,


hello, alex:

 I am using wikitude 7.0, thanks.


we are unable to provide support/fixes for old versions of the SDK. 

Please try with the newest version of the SDK(8.1) to see if this issue is fixed for you. 

Best Regards,


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