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PB camera UNity Android


I just finished my application under Apple from Unity and everything works perfectly. By exporting it under android I have important problems of image distortion.

So I tried with the example wikitude and I have the same problem.

Indeed my application is launched in a homotéthie perfect for the menu but as soon as I enter the simple example, the camera of my device (sansung tab A6) deforms the image of my camera. when I hold my tablet vertically, the target of the surfer crashes and becomes almost square and qd I hold my tablet horizontally the filmed image becomes very large in height. And nothing appears on the targets ...? And I have not changed a single element of the example of wikitude ...

Do you have an idea of the cause?

Thank you

in wikitude ios 7.2 unity it's work good


Which version of Unity and the Wikitude SDK are you running?

Can you please post some screenshots of the issue that you're having?

Have you tried running on different devices, to see if the issue happens there as well?

Thank you,


Thanks i have solded my probleme, 

in the last SDK unity if i select enable camera2 api, it deform my screen... if i deselect enable camera2 api it's ok.

thanks a lot

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