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How can I enable extended tracking in Wikitude studio?

Hi, I'm trying to enable extended tracking in Wikitude studio. I saw in the document that it should be in the setting but I only saw the input for google analytics id. I tried modifying the code from the offline project downloaded to enable the extended tracking. The result was after the first track. It seem to remember the scene and ignore the target image. But when the camera pans off the scene, the AR content still disappears. If anyone know how, please help. Kinda hoping that there would be extended tracking for 3d recognition but don't think there is so for 2d is ok Thank you


Studio Editor currently doesn't support the Extended Tracking feature. We have this on our list but it's not supported as of now. If you wish to work with Extended Tracking you'd need to work with the SDK and implement the AR experience manually using HTML technologies. For details on how to work with it, please have a closer look at the SDK sample app and the SDK documentation. There is an Extended Tracking sample available.

We'll of course adapt the documentation accordingly.



Thank you,

I have already tried to modify the code already.

I have forced the enableExtendedTracking to true and commented out onImageLost. But the content is still disappear when the image is not in the view...I think the SDK for the project I downloaded from Wikitude studio is version 8

 _this.trackable2DObject = new AR.ImageTrackable(tracker, "*", {

            drawables : {

                cam : []


            enableExtendedTracking : true,

            onImageRecognized: onTargetRecognized//,

            //onImageLost: onTargetLost


Hi Atis,

Unfortunately, Studio Editor does not yet support Extended Tracking so even if you try to modify the code you will not get the desired outcome. This is why we advice you to better test with our Wikitude SDK.



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