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POI are overlap to each other

We are using Wikitude api for show poi in Android App. We have small amount of POI object ex. (less than 20) then it work perfect but we get large amount of objects (greater than 100) to render on Application

Then object are get overlapped to each other.


I already search your forum to resolve this solution but i doesn’t get any clear answer. Please provide us better solution regarding this issue.


Wikitude SDK Android

version: 8.1.0

JavaScript API

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If you have a large amount of POI markers and these are in the similar direction, then these are overlapping unless you e.g. cluster them. If you search our forum for the term POI clustering you find some posts that deal with this topic.

In general we only recommend to display a limited amount of POIs in the camera view, for UX purposes, so the user can more easily find the POIs.



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