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Where to find the correct index.js in my Cordova Application?

 I followed the instructions to install Wikitude here for Cordova. Under

"Using the Wikitude Plugin to create your own augmented reality experience"

it says

"The code in the next section is assumed to run somewhere in your Cordova application. It could for example be in index.js."

My App project folder has over 70 "index.js" folders. How do I know which one to take?

Thank you very much!


Every sample of the sample app has a seperate index.js file - so it depends on which sample you're trying working with. To learn more about the Plugin and the usage, it's best to start with the sample app to see how everything is working.



The "index.js" files are in almost every file structure, so it seems like they don´t belong directly to the sample app.

Or is the "index.js" meant to be the .js file in every single sample, like "imageontarget.js" in 01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget?

I also tried to insert

<script src=""></script>

in my www/world/01_ImageTracking_1_ImageOnTarget/index.html, but XCode only shows "Devide is ready"

I just want to get an insight in the sample app, but somehow I don´t have a clue how to do this. Sorry for that.

Hi Max,

Unfortunately the sample app and the according documentation is everything we offer for the different platforms. These should help you get the everything up and running. Did you also check the forum for other people asking a similar question - there are quite some posts dealing with Cordova in our forum so one of these might also be a good source to get further insight. If you need help that is Cordova related, then the best is to check the Cordova support forums.

I checked internally and our team mentioned that the setup guide and the sample app should all work without any issues.



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