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UWP app crashing on scene load.


I have been testing Wikitude for the past couple weeks. I have managed to get both image and object tracking working nicely in Editor and Android (only a minor issue which I have shelved for now).

On switching to my target platform of UWP, the app itself builds successfully (64bit) and installs onto my tablet without any issues. It will start and perform fine until I navigate to an AR scene in which I see the scene change and the UI load promptly before it crashes to desktop, the camera never engages. I built created a new project with nothing but an AR scene to test and the result was my UI (interactive) and a black screen. Camera does not engage.

Things I have checked thus far are as follows:

- target device is set to PC

- Internet and Webcam permissions have been checked

- Backend scripting is set to IL2CPP

- SDK has been left as Latest Installed

- Build type is set to D3D

- Build & Run set to Local Machine

- Graphics API is set to Direct3D11

- The tablet itself is an Acer running on 64bit Windows 10 with a 64bit Intel Atom processor (x5-z8350)

Is there anything I'm missing? Is the tablet not supported?



Just adding that I noticed under supported devices that version 1803 is listed. My tablet is updating to this now and will post feedback.

After updating windows to version 1803 and reinstalling the app, all seems okay.

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