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Show a 3d model, when two specific marker are recognized

I am trying to make a simple multiplication game for school using 2 types of cards, one with ducks and the other with fences. I did the 3d model for the duck and the fence and they appear on the marker when recognized, but I would like that a third model appear when the cards are set in order [duck card] + [Multiplication card] + [fence card], with the correct number of ducks inside the correct number os fences. How can I do that?

I am using wikitudeSDK javaScript for Android

Thanks in advance.

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whenever you detect a new image AR.ImageTrackable.onImageRecognized provides an AR.ImageTarget. The AR.ImageTarget has methods to get the Rotation and Translation of this to another target. With this information you should be able to see how the images are ordered. Based on this you can then calculate how many ducks and fences you need to display and then create your 3D Models.

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