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Wikitude Unity App works perfectly on Android, but freezes on iOS 12?

Hello. We have built a Wikitude continuous-recognition app in Unity that works perfectly when built for the Android platform and installed on an actual phone. The same Unity project works perfectly within Unity on an Apple MacBook pro, but when exported to XCode and built on an iPhone, the app launches successfully but freezes after a few seconds while scanning. Some of the time, the app generates a successful recognition before freezing. A couple of times, the app un-froze after a while and briefly resumed scanning before freezing again. The Android version is running the Wikitude Unity SDK from a month or so ago (8.0, I believe). The iOS version uses the most current version of the Wikitude Unity SDK (just downloaded, version 8.1), which we found necessary because the iPhone is running iOS 12. We have confirmed that the XCode project is set for a minimum iOS version of 9, and that the Wikitude SDK.framework is set as an embedded binary. Is there something that could cause this behavior, or could it be a bug due to the newness of both iOS 12 and version 8.1 of the Wikitude Unity SDK? Thanks for any suggestions.
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Are there any errors printed to the console before the freeze happens? If, in Xcode, you pause the execution of the app while it is frozen, can you see in which part of the code it is stuck? Is it possible for you to test on a different, possible not iOS 12 device, and see if the problem still occurs there?

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