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Aruco Marker Tracking with AR.Positionable

Dear wikitude ,

we are working with Moverio BT300 and we would like to detect aruco Marker with Positionable. The Problem is if we run the Example 13_PluginsAPI_5_MarkerTracking it is not working because we don't

know what to write in sample.json. In this File the example wasn't mentioned in the son File so we Copied  13_PluginsAPI_5_MarkerTracking in the SampleWikitudeExample File and wrote. {

    "required_extensions": [
"name": "MarkerTracking",
"path": "13_PluginsAPI_5_MarkerTracking/index.html",
"requiredFeatures": [
"startupConfiguration": {
"camera_position": "back"

in sample.json FILE. We don't know what we put in requiredFeatures. Can u please help us. Or is there a Sample only for Aruco detection.

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We don't offer any other marker detection sample than the one in our sample app. The marker recognition feature is part of our Plugins API which allows you to integrate 3rd party libraries with our SDK. So if you have any other library that allows to detect markers you can integrate it as well using our Plugins API. For further details on how to work with the Plugins API, please have a close look at the documentation section to learn how to work with this feature.



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