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does the development in Wikitude cross platform for both mobile platform and ar glasses?

Good evening, I'm Harvy and I'm interested in utilising Wikitude in my next project. I have some question in mind: 

I'm planning to develop an AR application using React Native for both mobile and AR glasses, so I would like to ask for the AR glasses, since the provided API is in JS, is it possible for me to utilise the JS API in my React Native project instead of Android Studio?

The next question will be: is it possible to have cross-platform development (android + AR glass platform) with minimal modification in coding? 

Thanks so much for the help!



Hi Havy,

As the React Native Plugin is not maintained by Wikitude, I'd like to ask you to get in touch directly with the creator of the Plugin - e.g. via posting on their git page (

Thx and greetings


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Thank you very much for the help Nicola! :) 

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