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Object Recognition not working at all :(

Dear community,

I am having severe problems getting the object tracker running. My object just doesn't want to be detected. I followed the steps in the documentation to get a tracker but it just doesn't work, at all. I have an important presentation on tuesday morning and right now, I am havinng a nervous breakdown.

Here are pictures of the point clouds:



And here are the objects:



 What am I doing wrong? :(:(

The scene itself contains a wikitude camera, an object tracker prefab and an augmentation attached to the Trackable object.

Hi Nicolas,

Can you please send over all the images you use for generating the .wto file to forum [at], so we can check internally.

Thx and greetings


While I made progress with the cat and the dwarf, I fail in creating more errors with:

"There was an error in the WTO generation. Please try again later" :(

Needless to say, waiting and trying again does not help.

This is redicolous, no matter what photos i shoot, the outcoming point cloud is a piece of garbage!!!

Ok so now I built a photobooth and everything. Used a turntable and still get awful results....

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