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Object Recognition not working at all :(

Dear community,

I am having severe problems getting the object tracker running. My object just doesn't want to be detected. I followed the steps in the documentation to get a tracker but it just doesn't work, at all. I have an important presentation on tuesday morning and right now, I am havinng a nervous breakdown.

Here are pictures of the point clouds:



And here are the objects:



 What am I doing wrong? :(:(

The scene itself contains a wikitude camera, an object tracker prefab and an augmentation attached to the Trackable object.

Ok so now I built a photobooth and everything. Used a turntable and still get awful results....

This is redicolous, no matter what photos i shoot, the outcoming point cloud is a piece of garbage!!!

While I made progress with the cat and the dwarf, I fail in creating more errors with:

"There was an error in the WTO generation. Please try again later" :(

Needless to say, waiting and trying again does not help.

Hi Nicolas,

Can you please send over all the images you use for generating the .wto file to forum [at], so we can check internally.

Thx and greetings


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