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real-time facial recognition and tracking with Cordova?


Question: Can Wikitude + Cordova do realtime facial recognition and tracking?

I know that it's not possible with Titanium but I am hoping it is possible with Cordova. I know there is a Wikitude sample where the app can recognise a picture of a face, but that is not what I am after.

I want users to point their camera at their face, and then in realtime, we add objects to their face, eg sunglasses (3d) onto where their eyes are. When they move their head, the glasses then move.

So before I invest time trying something that may not be possible, can someone please tell me if:

- Wikitude + Cordova can do realtime facial recognition and tracking?

- Can Wikitude + Cordova recognise the position of the eyes and if the head is turning?

Knowing this could save me a lot of time ;-)

Thanks in advance,


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With our Plugins API feature you can integrate 3rd party libraries like face detection, face recognition libraries. Unfortunately the Plugins API is not supported on our Cordova, Titanium or Xamarin Extensions.

So if you wish to use a third party library you'd need to work with our JS API, Native API or Unity plugin.



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