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How much for a Universal Windows Program tutorial to set up plane or image target detection using an external webcam?

With Wikitude's newest release of their SDK 8 which supports UWP with the Unity Plugin can someone explain or show how to make a simple AR app using a windows 10 laptop (Dell) using an external webcam please.

Willing to compensate for time taken to write up the steps to get this working!


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First of all, please keep in mind that using an external webcam might not always work, which is why we recommend using a Surface tablet at the moment.

To get started, I would recommend reading our documentation. Here are also some video tutorials to get you started with Object Tracking (Link 1, Link 2).

You can also have a look at the Live Preview Documentation, which shows how you can test your AR app directly in the editor. This way, you can either use your external webcam, or using the Unity Remote app installed on your phone, you use the camera and sensors from your device. Since an external webcam doesn't have the required sensors, this is the only way you can try Instant Tracking.

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