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Wikitude Instant Tracking Scenes didnt work after apply starter license

I tried to build sample scenes. when trial license applied it works. But when i enter the starter license to remove trial watermark. the apps always freeze and wikitude camera didnt load. Please help!


Did you check the logoutput and debug the project? Just changing the key and cleaning the project should not have this behaviour. Which SDK version are you using?



Im using SDK version 8.00. I already check the logoutput but there's no error shown there. if i play the scene in unity it works. But when i compile to apk annd i open the camera apps it always freeze. sorry im new in this. thank you for your response.


If the app freezes or crashes there should be logoutput - an error message. Can you please recheck for any error message and send it over.

Thx and greetings


Sorry can u tell me where i can check the logoutput.
Maybe im searching in the wrong place that i found no error.


You can view the logs in Android Studio using Logcat. Simply go to View > Tool Windows > Logcat and a panel should open at the bottom. Make sure your device has USB debugging enabled and you should be able to see some logs in the Logcat panel.

You can find more information in the Android Studio documentation.

Additionally, I would also check that your bundle id matches the new license key you introduced. In Unity, you will find this in the Player Settings, either as Package Name, or Bundle Identifier, depending on which version you're using.

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