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Setting Object Target FOV when using 3D software

 Hi guys,

Full disclaimer, I am very new to this SDK.

I am using it through Unity and I have built to both UWP & Android successfully using Image targeting (both static 3D objects and animations).

Next step is to get Object targeting right. I've modeled a component to its exact spec using Autodesk Maya 2018. I have set up a studio scene in Maya and I am rendering it from a variety of angles to use as my uploads for the creation of the .WTO.

TL;DR:  My question is this, when rendering your image collection for .WTO in 3D software (Maya) vs taking actual photographs, what value am I required to insert for the FOV ?


I'm not very familiar with Maya, but I suspect the Angle of view would be the equivalent value.

Please let us know if this works.

Best regards,


Hi Alexandru,

A quick update, it seems to work quite well so far.

I used the angle of view value from Maya as you suggested, and around 11 renders as the images for the .WTO.

With the help of the Wikitude Object Recognition video I got the orientation instantiating correctly, and tracking relatively well. ( I will add quite a few more renders for better accuracy going forward.).

NOTE: I did notice that on losing tracking (sometimes) it wouldn't kill the object called, and upon instantiating again it will orient two of the drawable prefabs.




I'm glad to hear that the angle of view value from Maya is working for you.

Regarding your second issue, are you using the "Drawable" property from the Object Trackable inspector? Were there any error messages in the console when this happened? 

This should never happen, so if you have any additional information about how to reproduce it, please let us know.

Thank you,


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