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Sample App only shows a black screen after splash screen in unity

Hi, i just dived in  wikitude sdk, and i am having a little trouble building the sample apps. I have tried every answer given in the forum but nothing seems to work. I am using android 4.4 kitkat and unity 2017.4.5f1. Any help please


Can you please check if there are any error messages in logcat? Can you also try it on a different device?

Thank you,


ok i tried on another phone and it works though there is a visible watermark all over the screen that displays app id mismatch? what could that be for?


This watermark indicates that the app id set in in the app on the OS side (Android package id / iOS bundle id) and the app id that is encoded in the SDK key don't match.

If you work with a trial key then your key should work for any app id - pls make sure to clean the project in this case.

Thx and greetings


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