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maximum image number for object target


I want to create an object target from photos as suggested in the official documentation for SDK 8.0.

Is it possible to overcome the limit of 30 images to improve the reliability of the model to be recognized? Is it a limitation of the trial version or even with the licensed one you can't exceed this number?



Hi Andrea,

The limit currently is 30 images - for any type of license. Which problems do you have that would require more images?



Hi Nicola,

and thanks for your quick reply.

We followed the best practices and we found that for complex objects, in order to provide shoots from different angles, the limit of 30 images ends up in poor recognition. 

Hi Andrea,

Can you please share the images with me - you can send those to forum [at] - so we can check the object's quality for recognition and tracking.

Thx and greetings


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