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Disable WikitudeCamera: Different behavior in Editor and on Device

What I am using; 

Wikitude Unity SDK 8.0.0

Unity 2018.2.5f1

Device: Aquaris X5 Plus / Nokia 6.1 

What I want: Freece the actual frame with the augmented objects.

Hello everyboy. As i shortly described above, I want to hold the camera image and the objects. If the imageTracker found the trackable and the augmented objects got created, I can push an UI button (pause button) which shoud disable the rendering and hold the actual screen with all functionalities of the objects. I tried two different ways.

1.) Try to switch on/off the WikitudeCamera rendering (camera.EnableCameraRendering = false;).

  • Unity: As you can see in the DisableCameraRendering_Unity.png, the rendring stopps, but the augmented object does not stay at its position, and parts of the screen got black.
  • Device: DisableCameraRendering_Device.png is a screenshot of how it looks

Not that what I want.

2.) Try to enable/disable the WikitudeCamera (camera.enabled = false;)
  •  Unity: This method works perfect in the editor. Image DisableWikitudeCamera_Unity.png is the result of how it looks. The blue rectangle with the numbers is the ImageTarget and the white image and the white scrollbar are the augmented objects. The screen stays at this state and the scrollbar is still usable. Exactly what I want.


  • Device: After I push the button (pause) the camera stocks for a second and nothing else happens. A very different behavior as in the Unity editor. I tried the same apk on both devices and the result was the same.

           This method only works in the Unity Editor.

I tried to enable camera2API, but nothing changed.

Is the Unity beahvior not equivalent to devices? Do you have any advices for me?

Best regards,


Thank you for the detailed report.

We can confirm that this is a valid issue at the moment, and we have a fix ready for the next update. It will work using the second approach, by disabling the WikitudeCamera.

Best regards,


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Very nice!

When can we expect the update? In a month, half an year or even sooner?

Best regards,



While I cannot specify an exact that, we should release a new update this month.

Best regards,


I am also trying to get a "Pause" Feature to work.
For some reason, this (enabling/disabling the camera) is working on Android but not on iOS for me.
I just get a white background, while the 3D Model is still visible. On Android, the last Camera Frame is still visible.
Any ideas?


Are you using the 8.2 release? Is the app using Metal rendering?

Thank you,


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