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Wkitude 8.0 ARkit is Unstable

Hi Wikitude, Hope you guys are doing good,We were working on projects where we were using Wikitude and we are glad to have this and it is one of the best Platform for AR.Wikitude 7.2 is stable for both ARKIT & ARCORE but unfortunately when we upgraded to wikitude 8.0 ARCORE is fine but ARKIT is unstable.Can you guys help us in this.Camera is bit shaking and when we open the app our models were not stable in ARKIT and objects were flying, we assume it is not switching to ARKIT and IOS version is 11.3 and UNITY 2018.1.9.Same project when we dump to ARCORE it is stable.Device supports ARKIT and wikitude 7.2 is wprking fine with this device Thanks & Regards, Chandu.
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Good morning Chandu,

An easy way to tell whether ARKit is used in the background is to check how fast the CanStartTracking function returns true after creating the instant tracker. For ARKit is should take a while before you can make the switch from initialization phase to tracking phase; for our internal algorithms it should happen much quicker.

Having said that, I'm not aware of any issues with the internal switch to ARKit as of now in the 8.0 release.

- Daniel

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