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Wikitude In Unity Enable Camera Rendering Boolean Causes Strafing

I am working on a project with Wikitude in Unity as a solution for the mapping of space. However, as part of that solution I need access to the camera feed which I am unable to get when I have the Enable Camera Rendering Boolean set to true (presuming I understand what this Boolean is in control of). I have turned the Boolean off and made no other changes to the project but now the grid is strafing across the screen as if the cache for the display's memory is never being cleared. The project works normally (no strafing occurs) when the Boolean is set to true. Any advice on what could be causing this?

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First of all, even if you disable camera rendering, the SDK still needs to access the camera, otherwise it cannot do any kind of tracking. Please see my other answer regarding camera access here:

The visual artifacts you are seeing are happening because the WikitudeCamera Camera component has the Clear Flags set to Depth only. When the SDK is rendering the camera, it handles clearing the color buffer, but when that is turned off, nobody is clearing it. To fix it, simply set it to Solid Color or Skybox.

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