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Hi all,

I have discovered that the debugging message doesn't work inside Wikitude, on some occasions. E.g. it doesn't work inside 'onImageRecognized:'

Does anyone have an alternative?

    var pageOne = new AR.ImageTrackable(this.tracker, "*", 



 // if the target is recognised

            onImageRecognized: function (target) 



   "test output"); //this doesn't work, and it should


Eg, while all the other code is correct and working, the command won't output to Titaniums console. Does anyone know why?

It's probably the debugging tool that I use most often.



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Good morning,

I'm afraid I don't know why the Ti.API.Info call does not work in the onImageRecognized callback. You could simply use JavaScript's Console.log function as an alternative. I don't think it will show up in the Titanium console. You will have to connect a browser to your device and check the log therein (Safari for iOS; Chrome for Android).

- Daniel

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