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Compass correction (ODG R-7)


I am trying to do the following, but it is not working:

1) Read the current compass angle of an ODG R-7 device

2) Compare this device angle to a target angle and calculate the difference

3) Give this difference to the SDK using AR.hardware.sensors.compass.correctionAngle.

What is the value to which this correctionAngle is added and how to calculate it correctly in my application? I think the value I use to represent the current compass angle of the device (step 1) is incorrect, because the correctionAngle works with manual input (90 degrees rotates the view 90 degrees clockwise) but my implementation does not work (=the view is not rotated to the correct orientation). 

I use the sensorManager.getRotationMatrixFromVector and then remap the rotation matrix, because the original rotation matrix from the ODG R-7 coordinate system ( does not represent the rotations accurately. 

Thank you!

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Managed to solve the problem!

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