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Exrension or modification of Radar POI draw within Java Script


I was wondering if it's possible to and how to go about extending or changing the Radar's POI draw method in the Java Script within the Wikitude JS examples.

That is,

1) How can I change how the radar's poi's, which are currently dots at a radial range, to be displayed as something different with possible additional poi labels (once the radar is scaled up)?

2) How could I change the function in how they are radially positioned and at what compass position?

Can I overload any class functions etc. and/or inherit AR.radar to a new class etc?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your help.
Does the near term road map for the Wikitude JS sdk include projections, into view, of geometric objects and the ability to make and attach geoobjects (makers) that can be customized to a greater extent?

Unfortunately, there are no plans to extend the AR.radar's feature set in the near feature

Or add other world objects like the radar?
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