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Newbie Getting Started - no augmentation

Im having trouble getting a cordova app to do image recognition.

  • I have a trial license 
  • We have a fork of the cordova plugin code within which we have entered our license key.
  • I have built an app using the cordova plugin.
  • We have built a project using the wikitude studio
  • This works as expected in wikitude app
  • We download the file
  • We extract the files from the zip and host them on a webserver
  • Within the app I perform the following steps
  1. Validate the plugin is loaded
  2. Check the device is Supported - WikitudePlugin.isDeviceSupported
  3. Request permission for features - WikitudePlugin.requestAccess
  4. Load the experience - WikitudePlugin.loadARchitectWorld
  • When this runs in our app it validates as expected and launches the wikitude view
  • it loads and displays the "trial" watermark as expected but no image recognition occurs.
Can you point me in the direction of what I might be missing?
We are using Outsystems as a dev environment and so cannot simply build the sample app to take a look



I tried the experience with the sample app and it's working without any problems. Please compare your code with the one from the sample app and check if everything is handled correctly. Also check the documentation to make sure that the setup is correct.

Maybe there is also an error logoutput when you load the experience. 



Thanks for the response but like I said i'm a newbie - I dont have a sample app to compare too where do i obtain one? I can see lots of mentions of it just no where to get it?I have downloaded the sample app resources but thats not the application code required


Did you follow the documentation and the setup guide? In general the sample app and the documentation should help you get started and see what's possible and try out different things.

We don't have special setup guide for Outsystems though unfortunatly. 

Thx and greetings


Ok thanks Ill try to set up an android development machine and take a look.



I haven't made progress yet however I have downloaded the project files from studio, Im hosting them on a webserver:

Entering this address into the wikitude application "Test world" says it cant load some resources. What resources can be missing or have I misunderstood its purpose?

I thought this would work the same as opening the project from within the app

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