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Open native android activity from Button in Javascript SDK

Hi I am trying to open a native android activity from a button on image recognition.

I am using the JS SDK for android 7.2

I went to the Wikitude Studio and added a button to my custom image.

I downloaded the offline project and am not able to figure out how to open a native Android Activity using that button.

The button has an offline json and a url to which it can redirect to.

I want it so that this button click in the AR world leads to open my personal android activity within the same application.

I tried looking around a lot but was not able to get anything concrete which would push me in the right direction.

I'm relatively new to JS and really need a lot of help with this.

Thanks in advance


The Wikitude Studio Editor project are not editable after the export. The editor is supporting the creation of simple AR experiences, if you wish to create more advanced experiences with more interaction options, then you'd need to develop the AR experience using the HTML technolgies. The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

With this sample app and the docu you should have enough details on how to implment the Native <> JS communication.



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Hi Nicola, 

Thanks for the response. 

Alright all the points do make perfect sense, for further interaction I'll probably have to use the HTML part coupled with your logic in the POI native detail screen page and the architect view.

Or probably I can play around with a native overlay, I'll start prying and bother you guys again as and when I face some issues.

All the help is highly appreciated.

Have a great day.



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