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Unity Wikitude 8 for desktop UWP Tutorial

So I'm trying to build a UWP using the new Wikitude SDK but I can't find any documentation on how to get a Unity Wikitude application to build into a UWP? Can anyone please provide a mini turoial or how to get started with this?

I'm trying to create a simple AR app for a windows laptop that uses its front facing camera.


Hi Jason,

For now, Unity SDK for UWP only supports devices with integrated cameras that report their location as front and back panel enclosure, our main hardware target being surface pro line of product.

As I see "C922 Pro Stream Webcam" I guess you are using an external camera, this is currently not supported.



I managed to build a UWP with Wikitude but the screen is black and looks like it is not locating the webcam that I have hooked up to my computer.

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