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Watermark still running with a commercial license


We developed some weeks ago an Android Native app application with Wikitude Studio free.

Now we have got a commercial license, but the watermark still remain in the AR application.

This is the process I had followed:

1 - We generate an app with Wikitude Studio and export it as Offline project (step_01.jpg).

2 - We download the link with the app for Android in a zip file (step_02.jpg).

3 - We unzip the app and open it in Android Studio.

4 - We change the package name to com.trainnova.detapas in the AndroidManifest.xml file. (step_03.jpg)

5 - We enter the key in the file (step_04.jpg).

6 - We build the apk and install in the phone.

7 - We received a message of Invalid License

Is there any step that are we missing?

Thanks in advance.

Thank´s in advance.


José L. de Nicolás






Did you enter the license key that was provided by my colleague Ioana on July 19th 2018? If you did please make sure to clean the project. 



Hi, yes,  that is the license.

We have cleaned the project some times.

But, is there some tutorial which explain how to include a comercial license into an Android application which was downloaded from Wikitude Studio?.

Thank You.


If you want, we could send to you the project we have created.

Thank you again.

As this is a standard Android project - pasting the key to the location where mentioned in the documentation for the JS API should be suffcient.

Thx and greetings


For everyone having the same problem I found a solution to it. Here are the steps to solve the issue:

  1. Put the license key in the file.
  2. Change the package name in the AndroidManifest.xml file.
  3. Change the applicationId in the build.gradle file. This is the step I was missing. 
  4. Build the apk file and... it works!

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