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Where are Epson SDK 8 ?

In download section does not have Version 8

The Epson and ODG update of the SDK is coming soon. Please stay tuned.



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I am wondering that if I can use the wto file which version is 8.0 in the glasses ar projects? Will that target be recognized in the glasses?

Let me make my question clear. If I use the sdk version 7.2, will the wto file version 8.0 be recognized in it? Although the wto files with two different version are made in different way, I think they should be looked the same, but I'm not so sure about that. Could you make me clear? 


The SDK update for Epson is planned to come out in the next weeks. Please stay tuned.

For Object Recognition in SDK 7.2 you'll still need to work vide based - the image based creation is only available from SDK 8 onwards.



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