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Hi there,

We are using the Android JS SDK in our app for Cloud Recognition only. When we try to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.2, however, we are running into an issue where is undefined which is causing an error with loading our interface (since we require the camera on equipped devices). I noticed in the migration docs that this variable will be undefined and throw an error when using platform assisted tracking, but as far as I know, Cloud Recognition doesn't use platform assisted tracking? The only change being made to reproduce the error is replacing the wikitude.aar file with the 7.2 version.


I just tested and we're having this issue with 8.0 as well. We haven't changed anything in the code that was previously working, just swapped out the .aar file for the latest one.

Hi Matthew,

I just tested this with our SDK 8.0 sample app (continuous cloud) and was unable to reproduce this issue. Please add a AR experience only containing the neccessary code to reproduce this issue so we can investigate further.

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