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wikitude and dji sdk


I have a drone. I am able to streaming camera live video from drone to phone with dji sdk. I want to use wikitude on this camera view. How can I do that ? How can I change wikitude's camera source ? How can I set wikitude's camera source to my virtual camera ?

I also need the Geo-AR part of the SDK, so I choose to use javascript api. Is it possible to use javascript api and change wikitude's camera source ?


Good morning,

that is indeed possible. What you need is a feature we call the input plugins API. You can find the corresponding documentation page here.

Essentially, you'll need to write a C++ Plugin to the Wikitude Javascript SDK and invoke a certain mechanism therein that allows you to send character data to the SDK as an input stream.

- Daniel

I found YUVFrameInputPlugin.cpp. Do you mean I need to write this C++ Plugin to get the raw video data from the dji sdk and pass to the wikitude sdk? The dji's Video Stream Decoding is JAVA  code. Could they integrate together? 

Good morning,

yes, that's exactly what you would need to implement. If you look at the YUVFrameInputPlugin.cpp file, you'll notice that it actually does receive its character data from Java through JNI; so it is actually very close to what you would ned to do in your plugin.

- Daniel

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