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Instant tracking model bias angle

Hi Wikitude Team:

the instant tracking in JS SDK sample , the model measurement has the bias angle like attachment , but I cannot find the code in javascript to adjust that. I would like the model to be vertical with ceiling without bias angle when the phone is also vertical with the ceiling.

How can I do to make it? 


(100 KB)

I have found this trackingPlaneOrientation parameter in AR.InstantTracker Class to make it. 

Hey Milly, I tried to implement it but i get error in code. It worked for you?

Yes , in the sample code - simpleinstanttracking.js

try to add trackingPlaneOrientation below deviceHeight

deviceHeight: 1.0,
trackingPlaneOrientation: 90.0,
Thanks! Milly you have idea how to do vertical plane recognition in unity? I get error when i tried to implement in unity, i follow documentation but unfortunately i get error.

Hi :

Sorry , I use Android Studio to develop , I am afraid that I cannot help you.

You can start new topic to ask in forum.

Do you need my account to discuss with me?

Yep i would like to discuss about it with you.
Can you give me your social account id so we can discuss about wikitude. Thank you
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