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distance to tracker on wto or wtc


I would like to have a robust solution, while tracking the distance from the user to the target.

I started using the unity pluggin, and a wto, but I can't seem to get the distance with a wto.

I read somewhere that it is more robust to use a wto than a wtc.

Do I have to switch to wtc to get the distance to a target?

The scale of the fbx I'm using changes depending on the distance target/user, so I guess I can use that, but a proper implementation would be a bit better.

Also, why do I have to track from close up to pick the model, but then when I walk away, the model can be tracked from much further..?

Thks for the time you spend helping me.


Pierre Tardif

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Yes, it's true that at the moment there is no way to get the distance to the camera when using an ObjectTracker with a wto file. This is because at the moment, the wto doesn't have any information about how big the object actually is.

But in Unity you can compute this pretty reliably yourself. If you have an augmentation that is properly aligned with the target, you can measure how big the augmentation is in Unity units vs how big the object is in real life. Then, using this ratio and the distance from the Unity camera to the augmentation, you can get real distance to the camera.

It should be noted that using a wto file is not necessarily more robust that using a wtc file. They are simply used for different things. You use a wto file when you want to track a 3D object from multiple angles, while the wtc file is used when you just want to track a flat image. It should also be noted that using a wtc file is less CPU intensive than using wto files.

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