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Hi Wikitude Team : 

I do some research on JS Sdk sample qrcode these days

and I can see the qrcode decoded part is in BarcodePlugin.cpp and it passes the data to qrandbarcode.js WorldLoaded function

I am confused with if we would like to put model on qrcode when user aims at it (like sample surfer with imageOne model) , except import the qrcode as target image in Wikitude Studio , because it can only detected the qrcode image that is in .wtc file.

If I would like to scan any qrcode and when user aims at it , it appears the model  , do you have any suggestions?

can I do this in javascript code?

because If I add model in android (java) code class , the model moves  with the camera , so how can I know the right position in phone screen of the qrcode?

ps. The attachment is I set the qrcode as target image in Wikitude Studio and put the wtc file in the project , so that if I aim at this qrcode , it will appear model on it. But I hope it can contains any qrcodes. that is my question. 

Thank you Wikitude team!


(103 KB)

Hi Daniel :

I go through the Market Tracking sample

But I`m confused how does MarketTracking.cpp works with market_tracking.js

I tried to add log and modify code in MarketTrackging.cpp , but seems it doesn`t work 

and keep the same result before I modified.

Could you tell me more detail about this?

thank you!

Good morning Milly,

I believe you will want to read through the documentation of the Plugins API. That should answer your questions.

Plugins API

If you're working on Android, you need to recompile the library that contains the plugin code for any changes to take effect.

- Daniel

Hello Milly,

the Wikitude SDK does not support QR code augmentation specifically. As you've correctly found out, the only way to do that would be having your QR codes as regular image targets. How well that would work compared to natural images I do not know, I suspect not quite as well. The QR/barcode sample simply evaluates the code's content, it does not track it.

Alternatively, you could have a look at the marker tracking sample we provide to showcase the positionable feature of the SDK. It tracks QR-like markers using a third party library and the Plugins API of the Wikitude SDK. Maybe this fulfils you needs. Using another third party library in the same manner would also be an option.

- Daniel

Thanks for reply Daniel.

I am wondering if marker tracking can be traced the position without use it as target image , since we cannot import all QR-code as target image.


Hi Daniel :

I just took your suggestion and use the 3th party of qrcode , it gave me the corner points of the QRCode , can I ask how can I render 3D model on QRCode with java code? 


Hello Milly, 

I'm looking for the similar use-case. Did you figure it out what to use to render 3D models in QR code?

Thank you!

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