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Cloud Anchor

Hey, does Wikitude have or planning to develop similar function to ARCore's Cloud Anchors?

For more info about that see here

Wikitude SDK 8 introduced Instant Targets, which allow you to store spatial data of your scene (in Googles terminology "the anchor") on your own. Together with the ability to use load Instant Targets on any device you can create that same functionality (cross-platform usage, register multiple users in the same scene).

What abilities/functionalities from Cloud Anchors are most interesting to you?



That is wonderful, Phil!

I want to create an application with "control" and "view" modes, where you have two different phones. "View" phone just looks at the scene and sees the model and the "control" phone has abilities to make changes to the model which "view" sees in real-time. And of course I want it to work on both android and iOS. So I guess I am mostly interested in multiple users?

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