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Detecting Partial image

I am testing wikitude on trial basis and would like some clarifications. I have uploaded an image of a room with a sofa. The image is perfectly detected by wikitude , however if there is a little change in the picture, let's say a person sitting on sofa then the image is not detected.

I am testing this on sample app.

Are there any ways to make it detectable or do I have to take more angle pics or what am I suppose to do.

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Are you working with object / scene recognition or image recognition. For Image Recognition - once you've uploaded the image and click on properties, you can find the heatmap which shows the areas in the image that have a high recognition quality. If e.g. the heatmap only would show the couch with high densitiy, then if you change something in that area, the recognition might not work as expected.

Also for Object Recognition - if you hide / move / .. areas that are needed for the recognition and tracking the reco quality might not be as good as expected.

If the problem persist, we'd need sample images of what you use as originial image and what the image looks like when you track it.

Thx and greetings


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