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License Key Missing Error

 I bought a License Key from Wikitude of category Pro 3D in Oct. 2017.

I'm unable to deploy Wikitude in my application using the License Key provided by Wikitude.

I'm trying to integrate Instant Tracking into my application, but the build shows a watermark of "License Key Missing" on the Camera view.

Details about the application:

Wikitude Version: 7.0.0

Unity Version: 5.6.4.f1

XCode: 9.1

I've used Wikitude's Unity plugin, and deploying it on iOS.

On deploying the application on my iPad, I get an error in the Console reading:

SDK update is not licensed.
2018-07-23 15:33:32.947708+0530 mydecor[3252:433701] [MC] System group container for path is /private/var/containers/Shared/SystemGroup/

I've tried cleaning each build, before proceeding further, but no solution seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You.

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This sounds like an issue with the commercial license and not like a technical issue - it looks like the license you purchased is a one time fee license and not valid for this SDK version.

If you have questions on any licensing topic, please reach out to sales [at ]



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