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3d Object does not recognition in studio.

hello Wikitude

At first I am not native English. then My English is not good.

Please understand it.

Lately My company is developing  AR program

and We are looking for sdk for unity.

We Found wikitude, vuforia, maxst, and something else.

so We are having time for research.

Wikitude have good Interface. but, we have problem.

We take a photo for Wikitude studio

and Upload images, and we open studio editor

there is nothing. but few dots.

We understand dot is point of recognition.

but nothing we made.

and video size limit it too small,

The object we want to recognition is air-conditioner standing floor.

Is it  any solution for big object?

or May I upload 3d modeling for making recognition data?

I bag your answer.

Best Regard



Please follow the best practice guides for object targets - if you only see some dots this means that the object is not very suitable for object tracking.



hi, Nicola

Thank you for your help.

Our team will take action you present.

I can't find that.

Your homepage is not good linked. Document is not linking one to other.

I am not sure what is problem. 

Your sdk is good to use. but support will be improve for beginner.

I will try and say about result.

Thank you again.

Best Regard



At last say to me about method for generate.

but I can't make wto-file.

I don't know what problem is.

we make some files for this. but fail.

I attach file.

Say to me what your opinion fails.

thank you.

Best Regard




The object itself doesn't look like it has a lot of structure / points within the object, which is needed to generate a .wto file. It's not very textured. Please have a look at the best practice guide for 3D models:

Thx and greetings


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