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Navigation in augmented reality

First of all, I apologize for my English...

Hello guys. Considering the new Wikitude SDK and the recent advances made in implementing AR, I would like to know if anyone here knows a methodology for developing an app for indoor and outdoor navigation, but mostly indoor, in places with weak GPS signal and that Do not have beacons? I use unity to develop my applications, and I am currently replacing navigation with specific points on the path where the person points the cell to a marker and gets a map. I do not consider this the best solution and, in this case, I have alternated between Wikitude and Vuforia. I know that Wikitude started and has a tradition with geolocated AR, at least I think that because I met that way years ago. So I imagine that you may know of a better solution than the one I developed, because making the person stop point by point along the way, makes the navigation concept unfeasible. I ask for help and I request any kind of help, please, a tutorial that is so that I can make the person transit without having to stop. Even with the use of markers, but it is possible to plot a route and follow in a fluid way from a point to the destination.Can someone help me?


If you are working with Unity then, unfortunately, we do not yet support GeoLocation features. If you wish to have this functionality in your app then you should either choose our Javascript API or our plugins Cordova, Titanium or Xamarin.



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We have great news!

Starting with Wikitude SDK 8.6, and thanks to PendAR – augmented reality partner of Wikitude, developers can now use LBAR to create Geo-AR experiences in no time in Unity3D.

You can download the plugin from here.


where i can find geo ar documentation?

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