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Wikitude 8 Unity SDK - Scene recognition: How to?

 Dear Community,

I am desperatly trying to find information on how to prepare and implement a tracker for scene tracking inside Unity. Sadly, there is not much information in the Docs about this. Can someone please provide a manual or tutorial on how to perform scenetracking inside Unity3D?

Best regards,


Hi Nicolas,

You can find details to the scene recognition in the Unity documentation here:



Hello Nicola,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunatly, the documentation on this topic is rather thin and does not provide any detail information. Woud it be possible to provide an example for the scenetracking?



Hi Nicolas,

Thx for your feedback. As Scene Recognition uses the same functionality as Object Recognition - so it's now not only available for smaller objects like toys and co. but for larger scenes like e.g. full rooms, this specific topic is not most extensive. 

But of course we're always glad for user feedback, so for us to provide a better documentation, can you please send me a list with items, questions you were looking for, so we can include these topics in a future documentation update?

Thx and greetings


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